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Have you ever worked for a “leader” who has no idea how to lead? Maybe they bully, take credit for other people’s work, rarely tell the truth, blame everyone but themselves instead of taking responsibility for their mistakes, or do some combination of these. Or, perhaps they’re more absent than abusive. They won’t make decisions, don’t support those who report to them, never hold anyone accountable, and much of the time can’t even be located. Today, Randall Kratz and Michael McCafferty, senior account managers at FEI Behavioral Health, join me for a conversation about bosses from hell and how to survive working for them. We’ll share personal stories (doesn’t everyone have at least one?) and tales from our consulting practices that highlight the dreadful ways bosses sometimes behave, and we’ll give recommendations for dealing with their idiocy, incompetence, and meanness.

Listen To Episode: https://www.voiceamerica.com/episode/108867/when-your-boss-sucks

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