Helping You Lead a Great Team and a Great LIfe


Helping You Lead a Great Team and a Great LIfe


Ken helps his clients clarify and fulfill their aspirations in all areas of their lives. For organizational leaders, he offers a blend of executive leadership, human resources, and behavioral health expertise with the goal of helping leaders with the essentials: presence, self-awareness, “statesperson-like” demeanor when under pressure, effective performance management, and a healthy approach to using power. He helps leaders build workplaces that promote health, energized participation, cohesive spirit, and exceptional results.

Effective leaders understand that organizational success requires a focus on both team productivity and health. Ken Dolan-Delvecchio is a uniquely talented leader who thoroughly understands this connection.

Andy GermakDirector of International Development and Alumni Relations, Rutgers University Foundation

Ken is a visionary leader. On projects he brings a strong drive to make a difference and combines it with sound judgment and a warm collegiality. Great at what he does, great to work with.

Doug BehanDirector of Continuing Education, Assistant Professor of Professional Practice Rutgers School of Social Work

Ken is a proven, dynamic leader in helping the human capital in organizations achieve to the fullest, both collectively and individually.  He has a keen sense of the importance of well-being in an organization’s ability to get results, and he’s able to put those insights to work at both a strategic level and at the level of individual consultation.  I have had first-hand experience of his ability to help people and organizations manage through stress and achieve their aspirations.

Chief Operating Officer, Fortune 50 Company

Ken is an empathic listener and astute coach. He created the safety for me to talk freely about my work challenges and provided pragmatic and concrete tools to tackle them.

Vice President, Diversity and Inclusion, Fortune 50 Company

When I have an unusual and troubling workplace situation, Ken is the first person I turn to for advice on the best approach.  He is more than a mental health specialist. His long experience with corporate situations give him an incredible foundation for providing practical and actionable advice.  And he is compassionate.  I avoided many a sleepless night, knowing that the approach taken is one that benefits, protects and supports both the company and the individuals involved.  I recommend him without hesitation or reservation.

Former SVP and Senior Regional Counsel for Global Bank

Ken has the unique ability to tackle challenging issues while assisting others to engage in constructive leadership. His style facilitates understanding and accountability while ensuring the human side of an issue is not lost.

Vice President & Chief Medical Officer, Fortune 100 company