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Ken delivers keynotes and workshops on sensitive subjects essential for the very best leadership, workplace health, morale, and productivity. Below are titles of some recent programs. Programs are customized to address your organization’s needs.

  • Leading a Mentally Healthy Workplace: Simple Truths and Practical Strategies
  • Common Sense Steps for a Healthy (Including Mentally Healthy) Workplace
  • Getting Real About Diversity, Power, and Me
  • Navigating Difficult Conversations in the #metoo Era
  • Leadership and the Healthy Use of Power
  • Performance Management in the Healthy Organization
  • Making the Most of Conflict
  • What Everyone Should Know about Diversity and Power in the Workplace
  • Workplace Violence Prevention
  • Domestic Violence and the Workplace
  • Making Love, Playing Power: Men, Women and the Rewards of Intimate Justice
  • Simple Habits of Exceptional (But Not Perfect) Parents
  • Pet Loss and Healing
  • The Journey of Grief and Healing: Caring for Oneself and Loved Ones

Ken is a unique individual and special talent. He connects and engages with people and organizations with passion, compassion and insight that moves others to challenge and better themselves and those they influence. He has been a tireless champion for mental health and the overall well-being of our work forces and communities!

I had the honor of working with Ken Dolan Del-Vecchio for BHS’ 9th Annual Workplace Health & Wellness Symposium. The focus for this event was on mental health in the workplace. Prior to finding Ken, I had talked to two other potential speakers, both very well-known in the mental health awareness field, but not quite the right fit for the goals of our event. These goals were to provide an open atmosphere to talk about mental health issues in the workplace, and provide key takeaways that our audience — predominantly HR professionals, decision makers and influencers in an organization, and health and wellness professionals — could use to help reshape the culture of the workplace. When I found Ken’s website, he sounded like the perfect speaker because of his experience as a mental health professional and a key player in developing a successful health and wellness program at a fortune 500 company. The initial contact with Ken could not have been easier. Super responsive, easy-going, yet professional, Ken responded to emails and calls– despite his busy schedule– either the same day, or definitely by the next if he was traveling. Other examples of how easy the process was with Ken have to do with his PREPAREDNESS for speaking engagement inquiries. He already had one-pagers and sample video clips to share, which made my life so much easier, as I had to share my findings with our CEO and COO. After we signed the deal to have him on board for our symposium, it was smooth sailing from there. Again, Ken was always responsive, asking us how he could tailor his presentation to fit the event, and just so pleasant about our process. He was a professional, and someone you could easily trust. The day of the event, I heard nothing but positive feedback from the audience. His presentation style was very informal — which was perfect for our event because we wanted something that did not feel like a lecture, but have a more engaging atmosphere to it instead. He was inviting to everyone, which made the topic of mental health an even more approachable topic to discuss. Working with Ken, and having him as a keynote speaker for our event, could not have gone any better. It was a huge honor to have gotten to work with him, not only because of his expertise on the subject matter, but because of who he is a person — his work ethic, his genuineness, and also his passion for wanting to help others. Hands-down, Ken is one of the best people to work with and get to know. Thank you, Ken!

I have known Ken Dolan-Del Vecchio for over 25 years. Throughout that time I have been inspired by the messages that Ken conveys so articulately in training, speeches, and in his writing. He has been a frequent and highly sought after trainer here at the New Jersey Coalition to End Domestic Violence.

Ken is an amazing speaker, comfortable in front of everything from speaking at a conference with 300 participants to being interviewed on television, to working one-on-one with individuals. His passion, intelligence, and commitment to his message is evident regardless of audience size.

Ken Dolan-Del Vecchio has a special talent for making complex and controversial topics easy to understand and discuss. He’s a courageous and highly effective speaker and facilitator.

Ken’s manner of presentation created a safe and nurturing atmosphere for our large group. He made a personal connection with many in the audience who were hurt, grieving, coping, and/or healing. Great speaker, wonderful listener. His sensitivity touched my heart and engaged the audience. He was an absolute pleasure to work with.

Refreshingly honest, Ken Dolan-Delvecchio challenges audiences to examine assumptions and embark upon fresh paths to understanding and action.  His “use of self” in communicating ideas about what it means to be a healthy being on a healthy planet speaks of empathy, and informed thought leadership.

Powerful. Thought-provoking. Interactive. Informative. Hopeful. These words come to mind every time Ken Dolan-Del Vecchio facilitates one of his many workshops, key note addresses or speaking engagements.  No matter the industry or the audience, Ken demonstrates an amazing ability to capture, and keep attendees engaged.  From a group of healthcare workers, to an auditorium filled with teachers, to women living in a shelter, to executives sitting around a board room, Ken adapts his presentations to meet the needs of those in the room, yet does so in a unique way that not only educates each participant but helps them to think about what they just learned using a new or different lens.

Ken has a unique ability to connect with his audience.  Whether an intimate gathering or a large ballroom with hundreds of people, Ken demonstrates an empathetic style that allows him to tailor his message to the needs of his audience.  Ken’s philosophies of compassion and fairness have permeated through every interaction I have either had with him or observed of him.  He believes in community and empowering that community to flourish.

Ken is the absolute best at knocking down barriers and getting people more comfortable with being uncomfortable.